Build 2016: Best New Top 10 windows 10 Features in 2016

#5 Windows 10 Mouse Gestures

Best New Top 10 Features in 2016 Windows 10,Windows 10 Features

#6 Tabbed file explorer Windows 10

Windows clients have been asking for this feature since for as far back as I can recall. It would be ideal if you Microsoft, don’t let us down this time! While we can open numerous explorer windows on Windows, it can’t in any way, shape or form be as practical as a tabbed explorer window. windows 10 features

#7 OTA System Recovery Windows 10

Another OS X include that I’d like to find in Windows is the choice for downloading and introducing the OS specifically onto a clear Hard Disk. On the off chance that your PC doesn’t have Windows, your just alternative right now is to download the OS IMG on another PC, make a Bootable USB Device (Pen drive) and then follow Windows Installation steps. On OS X, you can just boot into recovery, regardless of the fact that your Hard Disk is empty, and introduce OS X by means of the Internet. No Need USB drives. windows 10 features

#8 Window Management windows 10 features

Best New Top 10 Features in 2016 Windows 10,Windows 10 Features

Window management in Windows 10 is very great. You can shake to minimize, cascade windows, place them next to each other and that’s just the beginning. All things considered, two or three new features couldn’t hurt either. For instance, it is pleasant to have a dependably on-top command. Let’s assume you’re duplicating notes, wouldn’t it be extraordinary if Notepad just remained focused while you scrounged through your 40-50 program tabs searching for the data that you needed?  windows 10 features

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